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At The Language Place we want our students to have a great language learning experience. So, our language learning philosophy and teaching methodology is very important to all of us. Here’s what we believe….

1. Get it right from the beginning

There are many ways to learn another language but at The Language Place we believe it’s really important to regularly practise the language you are trying to learn with an expert. All teachers at The Language Place are language experts. This means that our students can be confident that they are learning how to pronounce words correctly. They can also be confident that they are learning to use language how it is really used.

2. Languages are meant to be spoken

We believe that learning a language is much more than studying grammar and vocabulary. Languages are living, evolving and spoken! Our lessons are designed to improve your communicative competence so that when you leave the classroom you can communicate with other speakers of the language you are learning. Yes, you will learn how to develop your reading and writing skills in the language, too, especially if you plan to work or do business in the language in the future, but we believe good listening and speaking skills are essential for effective communication in the real world. At The Language Place be prepared to start speaking the language from Day 1!

3. It’s easier to speak if you’ve something to say

We pride ourselves on being a dynamic, interactive language centre where our students have a big say in what language areas they study. To ensure high standards of tuition are maintained, we have created a core programme for every level, based on target language competencies illustrated in the Council of Europe* language proficiency scales. Our material is varied, current and relevant to our students’ needs. But just because we have created programmes to follow doesn’t mean we dictate exactly what aspects of the language each student has to learn. At The Language Place, you can tell us what you want to be able to say and we will teach you how best to say it.

4. Practice makes perfect (and doesn’t have to cost extra).

We believe that students should not leave the language they have just learned behind them in the classroom at the end of a lesson. You need to take your new words with you and put it them practice as soon as you can. This does not mean you have to have to hop on a flight to Paris/Berlin/Madrid every second weekend. You can come to our regular language exchanges; use language apps; watch films in original version; listen to a radio station on the Internet; tune into live TV; read an online newspaper; start a conversation with some friendly-looking foreign nationals; find a partner who speaks the lingo…the more you can do to consolidate and extend your knowledge yourself, the quicker you will reach your target level in the language. Without breaking the bank.

5. A bit of grammar knowledge goes a long way

Language is words and phrases. When you put these words and phrases together, you get sentences. Grammar is how we change words a bit to add more meaning, like adding –ed to rain shows the action happened in the past and putting will before rain shows a prediction for the future. Children first learn words, e.g. ball, me, give. Then they learn to put the words in order, e.g. give me ball, and eventually they can say this is the ball that granny gave me for my birthday. Grammar helps us express ourselves better when we speak, so that others can easily understand our intended meanings. At The Language Place we make sure all our students have a good understanding of how the grammar works in the language(s) they are studying. Why? Because grammar is like the cement that holds building blocks (words) together. If you don’t have any/enough cement (grammar), you won’t be able to stick all the words together to say what you really want to say.

6. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Italian can’t be mastered in 3 months…

… but you can certainly learn a lot! It takes a lot of time and effort to master a second language but the more you know, the easier it gets. You have been learning your own language all your life and you probably still learn a few new words from time to time. At The Language Place, if you are a beginner, we can help you get off to the best possible start and help you to become functional in the language you want to master. If you already know some, or even a lot of the language you want to study, you will find regular classes with us will develop all of your language skills and help you to become fluent. So if you really want to learn another language, this is the right place. What are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our many languages courses today and maximize your word power!

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