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what to do in and around Dundalk…

There’s a lot to do in and around Dundalk. Check out our recommendations! If you have any to add, email us.

in a lovely host family

ask us to match you with a family

in an award-winning bed and breakfast

in a modern apartment

in a luxury hotel

really great Irish food

tempting Spanish tapas

almost-better-than-mama’s Italian dishes

authentic Indian curry

very good coffee in 23 Seats

international beer in The Bartender

cool cocktails in Eno

a cup of tea in Ruby’s

indoor football

basketball with a team

a round of golf

in a tennis tournament

a play at the theatre

live music

a Gaelic football match

a horse race

how to speak a language

how to cook

how to dance

how to make jewellery

a sports club

they always want new members!

a gym

the library

Roden Place, Dundalk

the language meet-up

Mondays @8 in the Market Bar

as an au-pair

spend 2-12 months with an Irish family

in a multinational

as an intern

get some experience while improving your English!

as a volunteer

by bus to Dublin

by bus to the airport

by train to Belfast

by taxi

a megalithic tomb

a world-class museum

a medieval castle

a pretty village

handmade chocolates

oh-so-healthy rapeseed oil

yummy blue cheese

fab stuff for your house

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